Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Life can get weird but we go on together from here

A recent photo of us, by JennyJ.
Yesterday, 12/10, marked nine years since the day Andrew and I first met each other in person. We never forget the date because a little over a year later we wrote a song about falling in love with each other and named it 6/8=12/10. You can probably guess the time signature it's written in.

So nine years ago my band was invited to play at a show called "Indie meets New Wave" full of local bands covering New Wave songs. We covered "99 Red Balloons" which, incidentally, is harder to learn on the drums than one might imagine. It was a really fun night and this guy whose band I had heard good things about from friends in the music scene and "met" on LiveJournal(so quaint now, LJ!) decided to come. I encouraged him, in fact, not thinking romantic thoughts but hoping to network and make a new band-friend, seeing as his band had a great in at the local weekly paper and was getting some great press from a writer there. He was younger than me, not from the city, and judging from the pictures on his band's website, not really my type. Three strikes, whatever. But he did come, and he was better looking than the pictures and sort of intriguing despite the whole "kid from the sticks" thing I thought he would have going on. He gave me a cd and to my surprise I loved it - despite the music being heavier and considerably more intense than the pop stuff my Seattle crowd was into. So I consented to see him again and really, truly, the rest is history. It was a happy, unexpected romance and in all the ways that matter it still is.
2004, about a month after we met. Look at us, sweet young things!!


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