Who is A?

Hi. My name is Alissa. Welcome to my musings about life. I write from the location of a white heterosexual married woman, adoptive mother, denizen of the Pacific Northwest,Christian,  Episcopal priest, gardener, people-lover. And that is just a snapshot. This blog started as the story of my family of two seeking to become a family of three through adoption. We are now a family of four, and we are complete. You can still find our adoption story here, but I'm not really writing about that anymore, though I'm sure it will come up.

I make no promises as to content, but you can expect to read  about my interactions with and thoughts about parenting, race, religion, adoption, transracial family building, simple living, small space living, my garden and yard, amateur photography, home-making, my kiddos, my friends, and my travels.

I do my best to write my own story, and not anyone else's.

That being said, there are some recurring characters that might be helpful for you to know about:
  • Andrew is my husband, co-parent, and love of my life. He used to be a rock star, and now he is a Respiratory Therapist. His love of geek stuff, music of all sorts, movies, me, and our daughters are well documented here.
  • J is our oldest daughter, who came to us through a semi-open domestic adoption. You can flip through the archives and read all about it.
  • S is our baby girl, who also came to us through semi-open domestic adoption. You can read all about her unique circumstances here as well. 
  • Penelope is the household cat. She loves sleep, food, a well organized and cleaned up litter box and is not a big fan of loud noises, dogs, or children. Penelope finds herself disappointed in many of the choices we've made over the past five years.
  • Anna is our black lab, still very much a puppy. We got her a few months after we got the house. She's mellow, but still very labrador-y.
  • The building is where we used to live. It is a 1920s era brick condo building in urban Seattle. Our neighbors there were also friends and community to us, which is something that happened completely by accident when we all moved in around the same time a few years ago. Now, things have changed, and many of us with larger families (i.e. larger than 2 people) have moved out of the building. But we are still neighbors, in an expanded sense of that word.
  • The Vicarage is where we live. It is a little 1950's rambler on about half an acre, about 20 miles outside of Seattle and about one mile from Puget Sound. We bought it in mid-2014, and are still adjusting to life with more space inside and outside, and a world where the only people who live in our building are us. There are pros and cons.